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  • A Good Browser
    • Recommended
      • Chrome, Firefox, Safari,
    • Others
      • Opera, Edge etc.,
  • A text editor
    • Pick one you like!
    • Simple ones:
      • Notepad, Notepad++, Leafpad, gedit, Kate, etc.,
    • Fancy ones:
      • Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Webstorm etc.,

Quick tip: You can view the source code of the webpage inside a web browser. Also, there are developer tools in Chrome (press F12) (console, elements tab, etc.,) that are particularly useful while developing webpages to look at the various parts of the webpage and also to catch errors while using and running JavaScript and or PHP code

Confusing definitions


A border is a line/enclosing around the element. Imagine it to be the fence or a compound wall around a building.


The space between the element and the border. Imagine it to be the space between the fence and the building.


The space around the border of an element.