You will reap

All that is random will make sense,
All the loose ends, will one day connect,
The time will come, and your wait will end,
The bounty you seek shall be plenty.

All your efforts will now bear fruits,
The world will see, and praise your efforts,
Though you’re lost, you’ll find your way back,
The ones you desire will fulfil.

All your struggles will polish you,
And you will glow, more than mere glitter,
Your frozen heart, will one day thaw,
And the embers will burn, brighter than ever.

The love in your heart will spring again,
All the withering hopes will rise again,
You will visit, all the places you dreamt,
And the world will sing, of your beautiful tale.

A fire shall rise, from the ashes like a phoenix,
The fire in your heart will give out light,
The light will push, all your shadows away,
And it will conquer, all your demons forever.

All these hardships and pains shall pass,
Your winter will break, and your spring isn’t far,
All the seed you’ve sown will rise from the ground,
And they shall bear fruits, that you will reap.