You have two legs

You searched all around the world,
Amidst trials and many tribulations,
It was not your fault to begin with,
For you were told it comes from outside.

You were young, meek and timid,
A dreamly and naive cinnamon roll,
You thought the world will be like you,
When the reality hit, your heart shattered.

With the rosy lens now shattered and gone,
You see the true shades of black and white.
Most people would have killed the child,
Yet you are stubborn to save the child.

Amidst the critics, insults and injuries,
You refuse to lay low and chose to climb back,
It is when you realised that what you seek,
Was within you for your child to find.

Can a broken jar hold any water?
Can a broken heart hold any love?
Unlike the jar that is broken when fallen,
You can stitch your shattered pieces of heart.

You are stronger than what you see yourself,
For a tree with fruits gets pelted the most.
Ignore the morons who say you’re not enough,
For they think they are gods because of power.

You have the strength to rise again and again,
Yet you must remember, you are still human.
It is not a sign of weakness to accept who you are,
It is a sign of strength to accept and move forward.

When stuck with a crisis and met with an impasse,
It is human to feel pain and natural to grieve.
So after you feel remember that you have two legs,
Get up, stand, turn around and move forward.