Wishes to a Noble Friend

The White moon is shining,
Following wherever you go!,
Surprisingly for you and unknown to all,
The moon carried the stars for you!

While you walk in your journey ahead,
With no time to stop and look,
The moon shall stop and make you speak,
With pleasant dews in pure heart,

Let the path you go shall be known to all,
As a path that all shall dare to take,
Forging your road you shall gallop ahead,
Gentle as the breeze and wild as a mustang,

Your life shall fill with lively colours,
Pink in health and White in heart,
With rosy smiles and lively eyes,
The world will be from violet to red!

As you walk in your journey ahead,
Companions many shall journey aside,
I wish them all to be cheerful as you,
With bonds so strong like the larks themselves,

I wish for a day, soon in the wild,
When the moon shall be, a person indeed,
Sweeping your feet off and stealing your heart,
You shall be together like the bread and butter,

Together as a couple, while your love blooms,
Out shall come the songs, sweet as your hearts,
Melting the world and charming the time,
Nature in ease, will make you live in peace,

As you take a leap ahead,
Be grateful to all who helped,
As you climb the ladders for glory,
I am prideful with your epic story!

Like the warm sun that lights the world,
Like the pleasant moon that guides the awe,
Live long and prosper for years!
My dear and noble friend!