Wise Panda

Once you were quiet and shy,
For reasons don't know why.
After you freely opened up,
It's difficult to shut you up.

With an eye to capture colours,
Your photos are true wonders.
You observe every detail,
And nuances without fail.

Chirpy and lively as an extrovert,
But deep down a big introvert.
Fierce and crazy full of charm
Kind and caring and warm.

While some are a symphony,
You genuinely are a rhapsody.
Hard to say if you're ice or fire,
But you are a friend to desire.

You observe all the people around,
Your wisdom is quite truly profound.
Your heart is finite, yet
Your love for friends is infinite.

Talking with you is such ease,
Fun and lively with a bit of tease.
After your arrival life is colourful,
This is the start of something beautiful.