Wild Lily

I have charm, to win my foes over,
Wild and crazy, yet gentle and naive.
I am independent, a walking sensation,
With a touch of the devil, in an angelic heart.

I smile so brightly, the sunflowers look at me,
I dance with joy, in the rainiest of days.
When I walk with anger, the very land trembles,
When I am happy, I float like a feather.

The breeze is my friend, carrying my scent across,
Don't try to bind me; I'll never be yours.
See my nature, the good and ugly side,
Touch my soul; my heart is yours.

A spark always twinkles, in my black eyes,
A spark of love, a spark for mischief.
I am the laughter, you hear through the forest,
Blossoming above the pond, I am a wild lily.