Where are you?

In this world, with ever-changing rules,
I'm losing hope, and running out of clues,
Searching far and wide, in every other corner,
Where are you now? I need you to be closer.

Some days are hard, without your company,
The heart often does, misses your symphony,
How far can I run, away from my reality?
Where are you now? My life is a tragedy.

Once I looked, in the Mirror of Erised,
And I saw your face, the one I desired.
Will you ever come, the person of my dreams?
Where are you now? My heart does scream.

I tried so hard, amidst all odds,
Even as an atheist, I prayed to all gods.
I am a broken glass, fallen and shattered,
Where are you now? I feel quite scattered.

When did I lose you, I do not know,
Did I ever have you, I could not know?
All I do know, is I've felt your fragrance,
Where are you now? I want your presence.

My muscles do ache, yet I keep walking,
On the journey of life, that's quite tiring,
I try hard, to know more my true self,
Where are you now? My true inner self?