Wandering Soul

Between right and wrong,
Between madness and valour,
Between past and future,
A field of grey,
A surreal feeling,
A present moment,

A singular moment,
Where I wish time froze still,
A conflicted feeling,
Where I wish to cry and smile,
A blurry field,
Where I hope I am right,

Like the still waters of a deep lake,
The moon uses to admire its form,
Keep calm, and be hopeful,
Wherever I am, I'll find my way to you,
For I am a sailor, aboard on a voyage,
And you, my beloved, are my pole star,

Like the bees that visit flowers,
I wander in search of a treasure,
Despite visiting many blossoms,
The bee knows its way to its hive,
Wherever I may go or be,
My heart will beat your name,

In times when I was lost, broken or hopeless,
Drifting aimlessly on the tides of life,
Even when the moon refused to show itself,
I saw you twinkling on my night sky,
Guiding me to the nearest shore,
And you filled my heart with hope,

I am a wanderer, venturing into the unknown,
Filled with fear and valour in equal measure,
But the bond I have with you,
Is stronger than the mountain and land,
Despite the uncertainty, one thing is clear,
Because of you, a wanderer like me is never truly lost,