You worked with care,
And crafted it all day,
It is unique you swear,
And you shout in gay.

The reality hits you hard,
When they say it's the same,
You try to explain very hard,
They still see it the same.

It is scary this big fear,
Of your work already done,
By some unknown stranger,
Who did it first and won.

It does make you question,
Are you truly special?
It leaves a big impression,
That you are not so special.

Thus you strive to be unique,
To make something new,
By pushing away the antique,
In the attempt, you grew.

In the race to make a difference,
Running hard to catch attention,
You do show a lot of indifference,
To the little things that need attention.

But there is some comfort,
To accept that you are normal,
Do step out from the discomfort,
And do behave quite informal.

There is some sameness in everything,
And what you do might be a repeat,
When the task is finished and done,
The experience you gained is a feat!

Your existence alone is unique,
The universe conspired to make you live,
Although one day you'll be antique,
You mark with memories the time you live.

The photo you took with care,
Might not be so unique,
For you, it is quite rare,
As that one is so unique.

No matter what a hundred people feel,
What you will do is unique,
Your good work will make someone feel,
That your work is unique.

So it is alright if you fell in love,
And spun a tale so cliched,
The journey you take is all above,
The jokes and tales so cliched.