Unopened Doors

There was a breeze,
It blew between trees,
Thawed my heart old,
Rusty and cold.

Finding trust is very rare,
Earlier I didn't care,
I wandered here and there,
I couldn't find it anywhere.

This breeze I saw,
Made my heart thaw,
I then had a light,
My future was bright.

I was kind and warm,
Ever happy and calm,
Like a fruit with a worm,
My life had a storm.

Navigating at all cost,
I found myself lost.
All the aims I dreamed,
Many got shipwrecked.

I dig my thoughts deep,
On many nights I weep,
In that pain I became cold,
Unrelenting and bold.

Amidst all deception,
I saw a conclusion.
The ridings were rough,
The tidings were tough.

Without any digress,
I worked for progress,
My life turned around,
It became pretty sound.

Amidst all the laughter,
There was a missing chapter,
That's when I saw you,
My heart beats for you.

A feeling so gentle,
It blossomed to kindle,
I fancied a big duet,
And I became a poet.

Oh, Gulmohar flower,
With your witty fervour,
Please don't kill me!
Please don't hang me!

I mustered up my courage,
After days of forage,
And gave you a flower,
For you to be my lover.

My heart stood like a rock,
Feelings I had felt a block,
I realised that you're a wall,
Built on rocks strong and tall.

I thought you'd say yes,
And never did I guess,
You would say no,
My guts said so.

I accepted in grace,
And gave you some space,
But I stayed in touch,
My feelings held in a clutch.

In the distance I admired,
What your heart desired,
Watched your subtle grace,
The thoughts you embrace.

Amidst a turbulent time,
My heart did rhyme,
And longed to say your name,
And stir a passionate flame.

With patience, I waited,
My thoughts seated,
Having tested time,
Hoping your heart be mine.

I gathered a lot of courage,
Than what I could forage,
I knocked on the door again,
Despite the pouring rain.

The door didn't budge,
Not even a nudge,
But I gained a trust,
Firm and robust.

I saw a glimpse,
The thoughts you eclipse,
A glimpse of many years,
Sum of many fears.

I saw you up-close,
You're beautiful prose!
Many ups and downs,
Echoing many sounds.

What can I honestly say?
If you don't feel that way?
I can't force you to sway,
But it's hard to move away!

In the moments I feel sad,
Your thoughts drive me mad.
With my feelings unclad,
I felt terrible and bad.

I prayed to the universe,
For you to find your verse,
For many a laurel,
And friends so loyal.

With a heavy heart,
I take a fresh start,
I have been so hard,
On myself and scarred.

You did not feel that way,
After all, I had to say,
Though my heart is in a sway,
I decided to move away.

I see my heart in pain,
Of injuries deep and plain,
I drift away to heal,
And many voids to seal.

I sail away far and wide,
I have many waves to ride,
I am always a riser,
I keep growing wiser.

If you feel for me later,
Do write a big letter,
Come out and take a walk,
Let's meet out and talk.