Uncharted Trails

With every step, I move forward,
Into the wilderness, into the unknown.
For there is no time for glances backwards,
For the past is history and it is known.

The roads I travel go up and down,
Past rivers and mountains, and valleys and hills.
In my heart, I am a king without a crown,
Still, I walk with humility and pick many skills.

I was once stubborn, rigid as a mountain,
The river of life flowed and eroded my pride.
Now I am humble, with springs and fountains,
With a valley and a trail, to walk side-by-side.

The more I travel, the more I got lost,
The more I find my way out, the more real I feel.
Trekking a mountain or a valley is the cost,
The price I pay for my broken heart to heal.

The more I wander in the wilderness outside,
The more I ponder in the chaos inside.
The more I learn about nature on the outside,
The more I learn about my nature on the inside.

I am not a tree, with roots fixed to a spot,
And when I stopped walking, I felt lost.
Amidst troubles, I learnt to walk at all cost,
For not all who wander are truly lost.