Trip around the Sun

In my heart resides, a million dreams,
Of travels and memories, of life and laughter,
On this very day, as I wander and ponder,
I seek your blessings, as I turn around again,

I was born a human, with a spirit of a bird,
I wish to fly high, and touch the milky clouds,
To sail against the wind, amidst turbulent times,
I seek your good wishes, as I turn around again,

On this day I think, of old times and days,
My throat does stiffen, and a sad smile lingers,
With all these people around, I feel you missing
I seek your divine presence, as I turn around again,

I must move on; I have promises to keep,
I linger for a moment, to capture your grace,
A new year for me, I want you to be there,
Around the Sun I go, as I turn around again!