To try or to wait

Fortune favours the bold some say,
Good things happen for those who wait some say,
Then why do some who try hard fail?
Then why do some who wait do fail?

Things in life are complex, and not quite stark,
The difference is not apparent, as light and dark.
There is some truth, in things they both say,
Also lies some lies, in things they both say.

Even those who wait, never truly waited,
They also tried a bit, and never truly seated.
Even those who tried never kept trying,
They also rested a while; else they were lying.

Therein lies the answer, to this conundrum,
A delicately crafted balance, devoid of any tantrum.
One should wait when needed, and try when needed,
And the wisdom to see them is quite needed.

It is not so easy, to wait in some moments,
Nor is it easy, to run and grab the moments.
One must persist, and be ready to recede,
That is one skill, you gain when you concede.

Praying towards the universe, I ask for serenity,
To sail through crisis and times of uncertainty.
I ask for strength, to try or wait at will,
An abundance of wisdom, to quickly learn this skill.