The Soul Catcher

Many days I walked, alone and restless,
Chasing my dreams, hard and endless,
Ever trying my best, to complete fullness,
Trying to fill a void, a deep emptiness.

You don't speak a word, you sleep,
Your kind face forever, in my heart I'll keep,
You wipe my tears, whenever I weep,
Let me sing a song, for you to rest deep.

Like the eyelids to the eye, I will be close to you,
Protecting you from harm, I shall be with you,
Till you break your rest, my eyes won't rest for you,
That is the least I can, always do for you.

I asked the flowers: Is this a dream?
To have you in my life, in joy I scream!
Adding joy to my life, you are a stream,
Whenever we kiss, you taste like cream.

I curse the autumn winds that give you the cold,
As you sleep in sickness, ill care for you until I'm old,
I bless the summer winds that made me so bold,
To meet you and tell, what my heart truly told.

As you lie in my lap, I am reading a book,
A book so dear to you that I'll never overlook.
I wonder and ponder, what did it take,
Your precious little heart, to get such a hook?

My heart once wandered, hither and thither,
Drifting in the wind, like a lonely feather,
Changing its emotions, just like the weather,
Until you came in and became my tether.

You don't speak a word, my dear,
I feel your words, loud and clear,
Whatever happens, you don't fear,
I am strong now, and the troubles I can bear,

As you sleep in peace, I'll touch you gently,
I'll comb your hair to ease, all its knots feebly.
Rest all you want; there is nothing so urgently,
I have to take care of them all, well and attentively.

Even if you are far, my heart is close to you,
When I hear your voice, my eyes search for you,
In happiness and sadness, my heart is full of you,
I dared to jump the skies, to be with you.

Once I was a storm chaser, running far and wide,
Till one storm caught me and tossed me aside.
Now I am a Stormbreaker, being a chaser's guide,
My catcher in the rye, my soon to be the bride!

I ask the spring winds, for many beautiful days,
As we celebrate our wedding, with bliss and gay.
I ask for the winter winds, to keep the stars at bay,
To keep the clouds grey, for us to cuddle that way.