The Completing Piece

A mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend,
A granny, a teacher, a niece, a daughter,
A crush, a lover, a wife, a woman,
A girl, a leader, a nurturer, a bride …

How many roles do you take?
In each role you play a part.
Without you there is no we,
And there is no future to see.

You are strong and you are brave,
You are kind and you are caring,
You are smart and you work hard,
You are inspiring and thus you are beautiful.

You are there in every step of my life,
You make this world fascinating and complete.
You being happy is a treasure for us all,
For your well-being is vital to all.

A progress obtained by suppressing you,
Never gave an everlasting happiness.
For the world that is full of happiness,
Both of us must lift each other up.

Neither of us are truly equal,
Yet neither of us are truly different.
Neither of us are superior to the other,
Yet neither of us are inferior to the other.

Regardless of where our lives may go,
Both of us have our roles to play,
Both of us have our own goals,
Yet both of us can’t walk alone.

It is not because we both are weak,
It is because we are stronger together,
Let’s plan and work and build together,
For our lives and future to be bright.