Still Waters

I remain quiet, pondering and wondering,
To find ways, to express the lingering feeling,
I feel you, with all of my heart,
And even more, where can I start?

Yet you couldn’t, see my true feelings,
I was wrong, to assume my callings,
To be clear, to you as bright as day,
I was wrong, and couldn’t find a way.

Feelings so intense, that suns feel hot,
Running quite deep, that oceans shy away,
Free and limitless, that air feels trapped,
Yet quite steady, that lands learn patience.

I was wrong, to think you can feel it,
It is riotous, even I can’t control it.
It’s never easy, for me to express myself,
It’s a blessing, and a curse in itself.

Hence I pour, my pearls as I see you,
One by one, in the night thinking of you,
To find ways, to express my infinite care,
I muster up, my courage and again dare.

I remain quiet, and I withhold myself,
For you’ll drown, if you venture all by yourself.
I am still, a human with a finite heart,
So I let, my feelings run deep in my art.