Star Child

Days will come and days will go,
The trifles of life can weigh you down.
Hope may seem bleak and future uncertain, - yet,
Don't settle for the dust, my star child.

Your blissful solitude may turn to silence,
Your heart might prefer violence,
Amidst hardship, defeat and despair,
Don't settle for the dust, my star child.

When the myriad walls that keep you safe break,
Making you question your faith,
Keeping you pondering with sleepless nights,
Don't settle for the dust, my star child.

At these times, hope may seem faint,
You might feel well-off being a saint,
With trials and tribulations seemingly vain,
Don't settle for the dust, my star child.

When your lookout for love goes barren,
When drifting friendships make you sad,
When the gravity of reality weighs on you,
Don't settle for the dust, my star child.

Days will go, but keep fighting,
The war will be won, despite a few battles,
Where is the chase when things go smooth?
Be strong and move on, my star child.

Search your feelings in the cold silence,
You will know that there is no end to violence,
The harder you burn on the inside,
The brighter you shine to all my star child.

Walls can crumble, but ideas cannot,
Test your faith; it strengthens your resolve,
Confront the storm with might, my dear,
You will emerge stronger, my star child.

Flow like a stream my star child,
Forge your way, noble and brave.
All your efforts will come around,
You'll reap bounties far and wide.

Pursue your passion my star child,
Lose your self and bask in its glory.
Your passion will find your lost self back,
Infinitely strong and wise you'll become,

You are not alone, my star child,
There are many like you burning inside,
Amidst pain and suffering, they are bright,
A symbol they are, that all things not lost.

Why do we fall? Tell me my star child,
To master the art of picking ourselves up.
The bigger you fall, the higher you rise,
Keep moving; you are in for a surprise.

You might seem odd, unflagging all alone,
But your light guides the mortals in their nights.
Lost in the sea navigating on chunks of dust,
Finding their way home, in vast never-ending seas.

Real friends are like stars, my star child,
Sometimes, they are far far away.
But they are always around you,
Even in your darkest night my dear.

You are the child of sun my dear one,
Born to accomplish a higher purpose.
The gravity of it is unfathomable,
To other mortals who try to eclipse you.

Your grandparents the cosmos, are there for you,
Looking after you, through thick and thin.
As we speak, they listen to your prayers,
And conspiring an angel for you.

You will meet the angel from heaven,
Forged in hellfire, nourished by the elixir.
You will find love and the whole nine yards,
So do not be sad, soon, you'll be glad.

You are the child of sun my dear one,
After every winter, you'll face a summer,
So don't settle for the dust, my star child,
For you are the substance that makes suns!