Now you're famous, and everyone speaks of you,
But when you were new, I never heard about you,
Walking down the streets, I didn't notice you play,
Now I do wonder, how I missed your grace,

That made me wonder, is brilliance everywhere?
Waiting to be discovered, or failed to get noticed?
As I ponder over, It dawned upon me,
Indifference is easy, but fighting is hard,

The struggle is severe, to do what you love,
When not a soul to see, the beauty in your work,
Hoping for a break, you valiantly try every day,
One day will come, and your work will be seen,

Brilliance is around us, waiting to be found,
A moment from our lives is all we need to find,
The next epic artist could live next door,
Burning the midnight oil, perfecting the craft.