She was the angel, who made me cry and smile,
She is my princess, I asked all my life,
She made my lover a queen, and me a king,
She is my happiness and also my pride.

She is competing, with me for attention,
She does console, when I cry or at loss,
She was there sharing, her childhood with me,
She is here to care, for me with all her heart.

She was there with me, sharing a journey,
She was the support, I could rely on,
She is a rival, that I can never defeat,
She knocks sense to me, whenever I stray.

She charmed her way to my heart,
She still dreams, for both our future,
She is my love and I’m her lover,
She stands with me through tough times.

She smiled, when I cried for the first time,
She was there happy, when I took my first step,
She was anxious, for nine moons in life,
She is proud, and always there for me.

She was the one, who taugh me the world,
She instilled me with hope, to achieve my dreams,
She poured into me her knowledge of many years,
She might forget me, but I can’t forget her.

She gave my mother, a wonderful childhood,
She was a companion, and competition to her,
She is the confidant, to my mother even today,
She is there for me, as a second mother.

She was the one who told me stories,
She poured into me her wisdom of ages,
She defended me from her daughter’s rules,
She was strong as steel, yet frail as a twig.