Sailing amidst Shipwrecks

When your naive heart, sees the strong gale,
Decides to take a voyage, and let the ship sail.
But little did the heart see, what lied beyond the coast,
Of the rough tides, and the brewing storms.

Shipwrecked often, I feel quite lost,
Frozen by the waters, and scorched by the heat.
Holding on to the embers, of hope at any cost,
I silently pray for help, to overcome defeat.

Finding the inner strength is hard at this moment,
I feel weak and frail, to even face a gentle breeze.
The scars of the past, that kept you grounded,
Now weighs too much, for you to stay afloat.

As I struggle to float, I'm counting my blessings,
Holding on tight, to the fast receding dreams.
My hands are bloody, and parched as well,
Being pushed to breathe, while underwater.

Amidst all the turbulence, despite all the pain,
Amidst the icy cold, despite the blistering heat,
I am fighting all I can, with every ounce of strength,
Longing hard for the light, of that one guiding star.

How long can I keep up, such a fight I don't know,
My naive heart still beats, for the joys of tomorrow.
Sailing amidst shipwrecks, I am mending my heart,
Stitching all the pieces, for a voyage once again.