Respect is not Love

It is in humans, to talk about valour,
About seeking glory, and finding honour.
When you reach a summit, others shall admire,
For you reached a goal, others will desire.

Those who seek you then, may not fan your flame,
Drawn to all the name, and the spotlight of fame.
At the end of the day, this is a number's game,
We're enticed to play, although it is quite lame.

It is quite a paradox, when you see it this way,
With many to admire, yet none to see you that way.
As you shine bright, they see a perfect image,
Unaware of the depth, and many many rummage.

If you think that is love, then you are quite wrong,
Although they respect you, and even sing a song.
It takes a lot of wisdom, to push your fame aside,
And see you who you are, and love you with pride!

When you stand and shine, people will respect you,
Ask you for favours, and many offers from you.
While there is respect, this is not love they send,
You are a salvation, a mere means to an end.

Respect and love, are two different feelings,
Both can co-exist, deep in a heart's dwellings.
Respect can make possible, for true love to flourish,
But respect is not love, that's a message to cherish.