Recursive Clock

The moment I got you, I never went back,
Turning your dials, time became simple.
As your hands moved, she began to sway,
The unseen enchantress became my lover forever.

Is this magic? Or is this a wonder?
I visited my past self, ahead in the future.
Saved my younger self, from taking a wrong turn,
I lived a hundred years, in a fraction of a second.

Am I blessed to have you? Or cursed to possess you?
The power you hold is quite unfathomable.
For once in my life, I feel like God!
I can undo my wrongs, and rewrite the world!

Time became my lover, and I became a nomad!
Travelling to and fro, between the past and future.
I dropped the infamous apple that made Newton blink!
Gave the thought to Einstein, and made the world think!