Prayer to the Universe - Part 2

With all of the humility, and full of pain,
I call upon you to hear me explain,
For you, the head of all our clan,
Please listen gently, and make a plan,

With, the world going mad,
Millions, are very sad,
The weather is very bad,
And no one is truly glad,

So many wars, and so many fights,
Thousands are helpless, to see these sights,
The days are fading, with peaceless nights,
People are running, fleeing many plights,

Thousands are dying, with numerous disease,
Is there a way to cleanse this unease?
Wars of Faith, failing to cease,
I am powerless as if deceased,

Lighting a lamp is a plain crime,
While a thousand crimes, do rhyme,
This " world" of humans, has lost it's prime,
Corrupting every day, as if there is time,

Children are crying; People are lying,
Many are stealing; Many are killing,
None are changing; Morals are falling,
When the good are tying, no one is buying,

I am powerless, bound by chains,
Becoming hopeless, with unheard claims,
Struggling to be fearless, despite heavy rains,
Soon will be tearless, with watery plains,

Change this world, With women standing equals,
Change this world, With faith preaching morals,
Change this world, With children having meals,
Change this world, With people joining realms,

With tearful eyes and burdened heart,
Finding it hard, to move in my cart,
Hoping to see a day, with a hopeful heart,
When all of these are truthfully sort!

" I want revolution! Nothing else shall suffice!."
"Please bring evolution! This species can't previse!."
" World is an involution! With no cure to advice!."
"It needs annihilation! This is the revise!"