Prayer to the Universe - Part 1

I address you because you are absolute,
And I believe that you are godly,
And so with all the will and faith,
I am asking you a lot gently listen.

Thank you for your valuable lessons,
For teaching us various facets of life,
Thank you for your joys and pleasures,
Its a sign for our hopes being alive.

Let the air fill with hope and spirit,
Millions and Millions are in desperate need,
Reflect back all the wishes and prayers,
For those who are worthy and deserving.

Let science and literature expand more,
Let people know more about you,
Let people touch your string that connect,
Each and everyone and form a theory.

When times are dark, and hopes are faint,
When good is rare, and faith is shaking,
Give people the strength to sail the storms,
Give them the courage to remain strong.

Let poverty vanish from the world,
Let the hungry children get a good meal,
Give every being a happy family,
Make this world a better place to live.

Please make man to realise his errors,
And all the blunders and faults he has caused,
Let him realise from this moment,
That he has to change and get remorse.

Let the corruption to this beautiful planet,
Fade one by one till its fine once again,
Let every new soul born in this world,
Let it feel that this planet is a haven.

Let the sky fill with flamboyant birds,
Let the world reach the ultimate limits of happiness,
Let all the suffering, corruption, and all things bad,
Let all of these feel that they have no bond with this world.

Let each family have heaven within,
Let there be events to rejuvenate the happiness,
Does a butterfly need a license to fly?
Let the same be for the living and love.

If all of this is hard to make soon,
Let it happen in its own pace,
But let it happen in a pace such that,
It keeps faith strong and always hopes up.

If some of these are to be done by us,
Throw out signs, and please let us know,
Lend us the magic to set things right,
And bless us with your immaculate grace,

Shower your rays of joy to all living souls,
Help them realise their roles in this cosmic existence,

|, Unlike the birds that take shelter during rains, | Help us find the eagle in us to bask in the sunlight above the nimbus.