Path to Transcedence

As I float on the river, I got carried away,
Drifting with the ripples, on a bright day.
In the eerie silence, away from the worldly noises,
All the noises in my head lost all their voices.

The voices I hear from the world were queer,
They forced upon me and gave me quite a steer.
Were the guiding me? Or were they bettering me?
I couldn’t tell truly, but they tried to alter me.

These voices that were quite resilient,
The moment I dip my head went silent.
All this time when I drowned myself into the world,
These voices tried to keep me unfurled.

Voices that whined, that I’m not good enough,
Voices that ridiculed, that I’m not tough enough.
Voices that cried, about the mistakes of the past,
Voices that brooded, about things that never last.

When I raised my head, again from the waters,
The voices came back, emerging from the tatters.
But now it was different, for now, I had the leash,
And I can tie them down, or I can freely unleash.

Is it because I am floating, and drifting astray?
Or because I gasped, as I lost my breath away?
Is it because I chose, to turn back and walk away?
Or because for once, I chose to rebel anyway?

As I float on the river, drifting like a wood,
For once the ever running time froze and stood.
The river’s ripples settled my muddled thoughts,
It gently caressed and undid my emotional knots.

The bubble that kept me, safe all along popped,
The tints of colours it painted, the world dropped.
For long I believed, the bubble to keep me safe,
Now it’s no more, and yet I am quite safe.