Paint the town Red

It was raining blue, the dye of the sky poured,
In the quiet that followed, I heard your heartbeat,
A naughty smile lingered, in the corner of your lips,
A twinkle of mischief, and spark in your eyes,

In the evening twilight, I saw a sun rising,
I turned to see it, and I saw you,
In the weariness of the evening, I had a dream,
It was about you, and you came in front of me,

I want to hold your hand, and walk on the beach,
See the beautiful sunset, as you lean on me,
The winds caress my hair, and kissed my cheek,
I turned to see you, and our eyes met,

As we talked and chatted, the birds did chirp,
It told me to come near, and told me to hold you,
We didn't speak a word, but our hearts talked a lot,
With a bit of mischief, we ran to paint the town red.