Swaras, being 7 and finite,
Can express the ragas infinite,
But even the swaras failed with chords,
To confess my endless love for you,

With the ragas, I know and the words I learnt,
I attempted to pen for you, my dear saki,
A letter of love, with lyrics of the divine,
A song fit for the Gods combined,

My heart is full of words, about you,
And songs full of thoughts, with you,
My mortal heart, could not contain,
Hence I send you, my musings of joy,

With sun and moon, as the guides to my love,
Carrying the letters, of love and divine,
Love written, with the blue of the sky,
On never-ending stretches of stratus clouds,

Oh, you celestial nymph! Where are you?
Bless this gallivanting soul with your grace!
Longing for your glance, in the waves of life,
Will you be my star and guide me to haven?

The blades of grass, the tenderly mint,
The sparkle of garnets, the Bells of Ireland,
The brightest of parakeets, the shades of leaves,
Nothing matches the green of your clothes,

The petals of a rose, the face of mars,
The brightest scarlets, the ravishing Gulmohar,
The spiciest chillies, the sparkle of rubies,
Nothing matches the red of your blush,

The embers of flame, the light of a Diya,
The glitter of gold, the charming tulips,
The shade of turmeric, the light streaks of dawn,
Nothing matches the yellow of your glow,

The shades of violet, the limitless sea,
The endless sky, the sparkle of sapphire,
The face of Neptune, the adorable Smurfs,
Nothing matches the blue of your eyes,

The emptiness of space, the kajal of your eyes,
The feathers of a raven, the darkest of nights,
The night tulips, the sharpest obsidian,
Nothing matches the black of your hair,

The flawless cumulus, the ravishing jasmine,
The foam on the waves, the teeth of a baby,
The purest of milk, the flags of peace,
Nothing matches the white of your heart,

My Geetanjali of music, My Ponanjali of dreams,
My Pushpanjali of heart, My Kavitanjali of beauty,
I ask you, with all the courage in the world,
Will you be my bride? Oh, Nymphadora!