New Beginnings

I am leaping,
Moving far and away,
My ship is waiting,
My time is fleeting,

My heart is heavy,
Filled with memories,
But my journey beckons,
And I must go on,

A nomad I came,
With no strings attached,
Then why is it hard,
To leave detached,

I am going high,
My heart racing fast,
For fear of falling,
For fear of leaving,

The nights of solitude,
The jokes and sadness,
The days of sunshine,
And countless desires,

I came here once,
To leave a mark,
But now I feel,
The place marked me,

I want to say,
That I love you,
A million miles away,
I will think about you,

Wish me luck my friend,
I am writing a new chapter,
This is just a comma,
And our lives will cross again,