Nemesis Reborn

You thought you won when you broke me that day,
That dance of arrogance, I still remember,
My heart did swell, and bled with a vengeance,
Anger did boil, and flowed through my veins,

While you danced and rejoiced, I stood up once more,
With hands of diamonds and nerves of steel,
Gone are the days, I played for sport,
Now I am ruthless, with a spine-chilling smile,

When we meet to fight, you will tremble in fear,
All the sins of your life will flash in front of your eyes,
Flee if you want, it won't matter,
For I will find you, and I will kill you,

Say your prayers, and count your blessings,
For the monster you are, you deserve no pity,
You saw me fall, now see me rise,
Run far away; your nemesis is reborn.