The beautiful moon in the sky,
All of a sudden became shy,
Watching it, I wondered why,

Wandering the sky all around,
It stood still to hear the sound,
Of a song so profound,

Lines that rhyme sweet and fine,
With grace and elegance so divine,
Sang the boy of age twenty-five.

The twinkling stars made the ambience bliss,
The beauty of his song quite hard to miss,
The lively voice was such bliss,

The clouds gathered to see him sing,
As happy subjects meeting a king,
With a truant thunder giving a timely ring,

The rain showered, like the tears of joy,
To praise the talent of this beautiful boy,
Me the witness could only enjoy,

The stars twinkled and wished him hope,
Blessing him, a life with a rising slope,
And strength to pass barriers with a lope,

The shy moon beamed a bright glow,
And danced in ecstasy, a beautiful show,
I wished the time would move slow,

Many more happy returns of the day,
A life full with sun’s ray,
Beyond that, what can I say?