My time has come

The bow is stretched to the yielding limit,
The axe is now very sharp,
The wasted carbon was buried deep,
It was waiting for the grand day.

The foes are clear, and their strategies are out,
The wait is over and my time has come,
All the joharis are now very clear,
The last few straws are now no more,

Seneca's words came true now,
And all the fake masks are now torn,
My rules and religions are now strong,
Now they shall keep me safe,

I was buried with a huge burden,
Which gave me the strength to bear the pain,
I was innocent to be played with deceit,
Which helped me learn to tear your mask,

I wanted help when I suffered a crisis,
But I received subterfuges in return,
In the middle of all this rat race and poignancy,
I regained parts of my windy west childhood,

The rules you have now,
Will slowly be shattered,
In the middle of the turbulence,
You will question back your faith.

The arrow ready to fire,
The axe is ready to cut,
The carbon is now a diamond,
Now I shall write your fate!

Can faint clouds block the sun?
Can trees obstruct a storm?
Will hyenas delight with all the fun,
When a furious lion hunts them?