More than what meets the Eye

I saw you that day by mere chance,
And I chose to give you a glance.
What can happen between us?
We are mere passengers in this life bus.

You are a whole universe all by yourself,
A unique book from a library bookshelf.
Trying to know you by reading every page,
You are one enigma bound to no cage.

At the onset of our journey, I was quite scared,
Seeing your wounds I realised you're scarred!
Life was never smooth and rosy as they say,
It is hard for all to keep our problems at bay.

It is a risk and quite a gamble,
To approach you looking at your preamble.
Will I see meadows, rivers, and fruit trees?
Or a barren desert, with a scorching land breeze?

I only see glimpses of what you are,
To know you more I need to travel so far!
There is an urge in me to not to say goodbye,
You are more than what meets the eye!

It takes patience and faith to make the call,
To try and know you and risk losing it all.
I undress my soul with all my guards down,
I show myself true don't shoot me down!