One day, I looked at the mirror,
Then found, a hair quite silver,
Seemed yesterday; I started my journey,
Years passed, and I gathered memories.

Behind me, I see many laurels,
Many goals; that I won trying,
Many defeats; that I lost trying,
Many lessons; that tempered me well.

I'm surprised, for the paths crossed,
Never imagined, the place I'm now,
Did quit, on some ventures before,
Yet persisting, on many ventures still.

I walked, past the cold streets,
The darkness, that tried luring me,
The burdens, that made me question,
The doubts, that pulled me back.

I still, have doubts and burdens,
But then, the fog is clearing,
Through it, I see light streaks,
The darkness is now slowly receding.

I struggled, to find myself clear,
My heart did break into pieces,
That's when, it fully opened up,
And I found myself quite clear.

I was, once full of doubts,
I still, have a long road,
But slowly, I am finding strength,
And surprised, to tackle it well.

The fog, that clouded my judgement,
Became thin, and started to fade,
Through it, I see light streaks,
Out came, the moon to guide.

With time, it gave me peace,
Quite detached, from what is around,
Yet attached, to what I want,
Still cheerful, but calm and composed.

Then I, realised in a moment,
The moon, that shined all night,
Did vanish, yet there was light,
I realised, the moonlight in me.

Don't lose, the hope in yourself,
This pain shall also pass soon,
You strain, and break your muscles,
You rise, with more stronger muscles.

You grow, at your own pace,
You break, your heart many times,
But still, mend your broken pieces,
What is, a moon without craters?