Missing Words

You and your friend started walking together,
Life comes in, and separates you apart,
Your friend finished the journey you both set out,
You’re happy for him but sad that you couldn’t reach there.

You chose to be brave, and took the leap of faith,
And you expressed love and your liking to your interest.
Your interest finds you fine, but doesn’t reciprocate,
Yet something was amiss, that words failed to express.

You planned quite well, and took all measures,
You took pains to foresee all the ways,
For you being human, for you being limited,
Ran out of words, when your plan failed that way.

You searched all your life, and went to great lengths,
To get that one treasure, you yearned all this while.
The moment you found it, you felt nothing,
The sacrifices meant nothing, and your purpose felt empty.

Your wild little heart tried to say something,
You couldn’t understand what your heart said,
Your fierce little soul wandered here and there,
Trying to find a reason, and wanders to no avail.

You are young, yet you felt too old,
Too tired to carry on, and yet trodded on,
You wanted to talk, yet felt shame and guilt for that,
And you went numb until your colours faded and left.