Mental Health

When you feel low, and time flows slow,
The world moves fast, and you feel you're last,
Trying to evade the pain, you wander in vain,
Buried in your thought, you feel lost.

You hear voices, deciding your choices,
Hold on to your braces; these are just noises.
When your fear summons, the inner demons,
It is okay to yelp we are there to help.

The mind is very fickle, and problems do trickle,
Better act quick, before you get sick,
Mental illness is not subtle, and needs no rebuttal,
What can you truly gain, by suppressing all the pain?

Such illness is uncommon, but naysayers are common,
But don't let the outrage, drain down your courage.
You are not insane, and those who say so are a bane!
Tend to your brain that is in pain!