Maybe it’s not meant to be

Often you see, people around you,
Walking their lives, without any clue,
They have goals, ambitions and dreams,
Done at the cost of silencing the screams.

Trying to fit their lives, to the rules of the world,
Forgetting to nurture, their true inner world.
It is no wonder, their heart screams out loud,
For it has nothing, to be truly proud.

Some people chose, to let the universe decide,
Hoping its grand plan and their lives coincide.
It is mere stupidity or arrogance I can’t decide,
To give up so meekly is similar to suicide.

It is true that the world has its own rules,
That does not mean, we have to be mules.
If you let someone else, to make decisions for you,
You will meet issues, popping out of the blue.

While the world is harsh, there is some hope,
And to catch that ray, one should dare to lope.
It is quite scary, and it may not end well,
Yet you have closure, and a brave story to tell.

It is foolish to say: maybe it’s not meant to be,
Before trying anything and that’s clear to see.
If everything is easy, there is no point in trying,
If everything is easy, what’s the point in living?