Someone knocked on my door,
And brought me back to the world.
“What is it you seek?”, I asked.
“None, what do you seek?”, they asked back.

“Why did you come?”, I never called them.
“Your heart is in agony.”, they told me.
Baffled and confused, I let them in,
They brought gifts, queer and rare.

“I seek many, and I feel lost”, I told,
“Seek what is certain, you will be fine.”, they told.
“I try hard, and yet I don't grow”, I told.
“Do you rest in between and heal?”, they asked.

“Whatever I learn, it is incomplete”, I told.
“Be an open bowl, and remove the lens”, they told.
“I keep trying, and somethings never happen”, I told.
“Keep trying and grow, things will happen”, they told.

“No one understands me, I try to”, I told.
“Know yourself, and others will follow”, they told.
“I aim too high, and fall too low”, I told.
“You are mature but naive, go steady”, they told.

“I feel I am inadequate, and I am hard”, I told.
“Realise you can find what you want”, they told.
“Will I be happy? Will this happiness last?”, I asked.
“It will last”, they told, “as long as your heart is free.”