Love under the Stars

Holding your hands, we walked the coast,
In the candlelight dinner, we had a toast.
From twilight to midnight, the moments were right,
You're in my sight, beautiful and bright!

Meeting your eyes, and seeing the twinkle,
I shower my love, like a water sprinkle.
Holding you up close, like a gentle rose,
You're the woman I chose, a wonderful prose.

Just like last night, before midnight,
Let's make it right, and travel out of sight!
No one to find us, and the stars to guide us,
Just the two of us, and no worldly fuss.

In the middle of nowhere, in a moment so rare,
With consent, I dare and kiss you with care.
With a sensual caress, let us undress,
With much love to express, let's not digress.

The night was calm, and you were warm,
With our eyes to confirm, we rhymed uniform.
Amidst the sandy dust, we quench our lust,
With nothing to adjust, hearts full of trust.

I want to get lost, like a tiny little frost,
I want you to get lost, like a tiny little frost.
And find each other, inside each other,
We'll be together, and this bond is forever.