Little Joys

As the days go by, I latch to your memories,
Lingering like fragrance, from an emptied perfume,
I know deep down; I will meet you soon,
But the wait is painful, without you nearby.

The endless reveries, that pulls me out from life,
An overlooked feeling, that adds hope to life,
Adding purpose and solace, and a bit of wine,
To my famished heart, amidst the daily strife.

I am very thankful, for all the wonders in the world,
For trying very hard, to distract my mind from you.
Although they succeed, for a brief moment,
What is a raindrop, in front of an ocean?

The friendly little bickering, fights and silly games,
The moments of togetherness, through thick and thin,
When I was young, I felt I was cursed,
Now I reflect, and I realise I’m blessed.

A good friend, a guide and my anchor,
Who saw me through and knows me more.
As I wait so patiently, for my ship to reach the shore,
I linger to all our memories, with a dorky smile.

I wish we could be kids still, without worry about life,
And eat mangoes in the day, and watch the stars at night.
Yet I am glad for all the moments we spent,
For those precious memories, are my little joys.