Let it go

When the dreamer in you, tells you to go,
While the realist in you, tells you to let go,
The conflict will be an intense tug of war,
The torn heart with scars the spoils-of-war.

There is admiration in trying, and being persistent,
Wiping all your sweat, and trying to be consistent.
How long can you, put up such resistance?
When the other side offers, very little insistence?

Somethings in life, though you made no fault,
You can't do much, and you fail by default.
The dreamer in you hoped something different,
Even the realist in you was ready to be belligerent.

Amidst the darkness, cries the heart in loneliness,
It was hopeful and eager, among life's wilderness.
There is nothing wrong if you can't carry on,
You've tried your best, it's time to move on.

When you started the journey, there was no map,
It was unfortunate, that life gave you a tight slap.
How long can you walk, carrying all the past?
Burdening your injured heart, healing under a cast?

You are brave and strong, to hold on very long,
It is time to let go, and there is nothing wrong.
It does not mean, you don't care anymore,
It means you choose, to love yourself more.