Lessons from Entropy

We, mortals, dream for order and peace,
But nature has its own rules and laws.
Laws that seem to favour order at first,
Still, in the end, favours chaos and disarray.

Swimming upstream against the mighty river,
We expend our energy to maintain our order.
For if we don’t expend the river will sweep through,
Even the universe sails on Entropy.

We little mortals in our briefest of existence,
Have such audacity to play the role of God,
Forgetting the fact that we are mere dust,
Who shouts in despair that we are special.

We are nothing but mere guests to the cosmos,
While our visit is short, let’s live in harmony.
Entropy is the enemy, and the enemy never loses,
Still, we must fight, and perhaps that’s all we need.

While our existence is special to us in myriad ways,
We are randomness in the ripples of space and time.
That is a cold truth and an inconvenient one,
While it is depressing, it is oddly liberating.

In our delusions to defy nature and its rules,
We tend to cause more harm than good.
While we do evolve and change for the better,
The price we pay often is disruption and pain.

As we grow old and realise the difference we made,
It is often too late, and you can’t undo the damage.
And time is a slave for the ever-increasing Entropy,
And it does not allow us, to undo our wrongs.

Break the delusions before you can’t realise,
Realise it before you lose your gift to learn,
Learn before you become resistant to change,
Change before it is already too late.