It’s time for Spring

The truant sun that played hide and seek,
Lost the game, and chose to work again,
For the days are now, no longer weak,
The lake that became icy started to thaw again.

All the dreams I had, in the womb of winter,
Now matured well, and began to germinate.
I should’ve waited, and tried for them later,
The cold winds iced my dream’s fate.

The dream in my winter was hope for spring,
The dream that I clung to, without an end near.
The winds of winter, have made me quite strong,
It made me worthy, of the gifts spring bears.

In the cold struggle, in the absence of light,
I struggled hard, to find an easy path.
Now I am strong and much more bright,
I now walk freely, and I forge my path.

An autumn child I am, I was born amidst change,
Close to the day, when the sun was fair with light.
Conceived in the cold, amidst changes quite strange,
I chose to fight, the darkness and be bright.

Trembling in the cold, I made my fire,
Amidst the darkness, I found my light,
And my frozen dreams started thawing in the fire,
My spring is nearby, and it is quite bright.