It is never easy

It is quite a test, that pushes all your buttons,
Whenever he or she, asks those questions,
In their odd ways, they do quite care,
But in the process, they break and make you.

It is quite easy, to take them as your enemy,
They do disagree, to a lot you say,
Most of us are, quite fortunate that,
They are not, indeed your enemies.

They did give birth, to you in this world,
And for a long time, you didn't know any better,
So they took it upon, themselves to raise you,
And it is quite hard, for them to step back.

And when you start to grow, the struggles begin.
And within a matter of time, you fight against them.
You have the youth, and resilience to spring back,
They have their wisdom and worldly caution.

With time, in this changing world,
The struggle is real, to put forth your points.
Amidst many arguments, and many expectations,
In the heated debates, the egos clash.

It is quite an irony, in the journey of life,
How often the people you love tend to hurt you.
But despite the fights, most of us are lucky,
As they are the ones, who love you the most.

Raising kids was never an easy task,
With changing times, there were no rules,
As you grow up, you thought they knew it all,
As you mature, you see the plight they faced.

While they do care, they have their demons,
Demons of expectations, fears and insecurities,
Some made sense and some will not,
Despite the obscurity, they love you truly.

As you grow old, you start to empathise,
And try to reconcile, the differences you have,
You take a deep breath, and let go the anger,
In the moments of silence, you step in their shoes.

You realise that it's long and hard learning,
You learnt a lot, and still, have a lot to learn.
You tread carefully, and sensibly as possible,
And in those moments, you feel their burden.

You and them might be poles apart,
Both you and they care deeply for the other,
It is, however, the flaws in us and the words,
That pushes and pulls both you and them.

Sometimes you wonder, can't it be easy?
It is in some cases; it isn't in some cases,
There is no winner in these fights all the time,
As long as no one is left helpless and alone.