I defeated sleep with a fight,
And stayed awake all night,
To see the moon wane,
After it waxed once again.

While the eyes admired the moon,
The heart hoped to see you soon,
Through the moon’s many phases,
I saw your heart’s many faces.

Lying on the grass amidst the dew,
A breeze caressed me as it blew.
I turned around to see you linger,
Behind the tree, my smile bringer.

In my dreams I see you smile,
You peck my cheek once in a while,
My little heart always skipped a beat,
When you’re close to me to greet.

You came to my life when I started to wax,
My life before you was never truly lax.
Even now it is a tough fight,
With you beside me, my heart feels right.

My dreams about you are quite rife,
I hope I see you soon in real life.
Like the land and the sky forever,
We’ll be together forever and ever.