In search of a Unicorn

Walking up and down the roads,
Crossing many valleys and fjords,
Ascending and descending many peaks,
Walking steadily for many many weeks.

I smelt your scent, and tried to track you,
Attempted many times, and I still missed you.
In my quest to find where you are,
I discovered myself the most so far.

On the way I saw, many nomads like me,
Seated on horses firmly, who think they are free.
They laughed at my naivety, and told me I’m foolish,
But I moved forward, discarding their rubbish.

For they do not know, the thirst to discover,
To break and fall apart, and still rise and recover.
A few salted hairs do not imply wisdom,
For wisdom doesn’t come in exchange for freedom.

My quest maybe foolish, and all this may be a loss,
At times of despair, this thought does cross.
Is it sheer stubbornness or resolve I can’t tell,
Your magic is strong, and I’m bound by your spell.

And so I keep walking one step at a time,
Penning songs on my way with a rhyme.
Even if I fall, I’ll rise and continue once again,
I found you once, and I shall find you again!