Gold need not Glitter

An unsettled restlessness, lingered in the air,
A need to be heard, and accepted by the crowd,
A misplaced sense of what’s right and wrong,
A heart quite insecure that it can’t remain calm.

While the world can be harsh, it is gentle too,
You can see the ground, or choose to see the stars.
Don’t hope to see the stars by looking down,
Nor by belittling others, can you climb quite high.

You can be the loudest, and a fierce cut-throat,
But your success is fuelled by emptiness.
A desire so material, and a heart so shallow,
While you journey through, you burn bridges down.

You think you deserve and feel so entitled,
Tell me one thing, what is it you desire?
Your arrogance and greed, all blinds your path,
Then you sit and search when it is too late.

While the world can be harsh, kindness is a virtue,
If you see it as weakness, you have no hope.
You might put many masks, and shine so bright,
You might glitter and glimmer, but you’re not gold.

It takes strength to be kind, in a world so harsh,
Great changes are quiet, and often very patient.
All that is gold need not always glitter.
As glitter does not define, what gold truly is.