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There is never, a clutter on his table,
Quite a clarity, on what is doable.
Smart and clear, on what he wants to do,
Plans them well and sticks to it like glue.

If there are risks that need to be addressed,
He'll work out smart, without getting digressed.
Quite modest and frank, about who he is,
Reliable and dependable, that's who he is.

Although he is occupied, with so many plans,
But has the balance, to remember his clans.
Calm and composed, and can be a bit naughty,
Once he makes his mind, he is very doughty.

He is a good friend who stood for me like a rock,
Whenever there was trouble, he was there to talk.
You are blessed to have, him as a best friend,
His friendship is special, to be cherished till the end.

As he steps forward, for the next year in his life,
I wish him all the best, for opportunities quite rife.
As he steps forward, for another trip around the sun,
I wish him all the best, for many laurels to be won.

Being a quirky friend, figuring out his way,
I cannot thank him enough, for what he had to say.
Many times I feel, that I indeed won a prize,
For him in my life, is a blessing in disguise.