Gamble of Waiting

It is in nature, to expect something,
Very few venture, to gain nothing.
Some events in life, are not so straight,
You might have to, sit and wait.

Fortune favours the bold some say,
Ask and wait it'll come some say.
Stuck between, is the confused soul,
Lost and clueless, aiming for the goal.

There is truth in both the cases,
They do work out in many places.
The struggle is real to find the best fit,
When to move forward, and when to just sit.

Going with the flow, without any care,
Many things will happen, and it may not be fair.
Making up your mind, and seeking what you want,
There is some hope, that you'll get what you want.

Unfortunate are those, who tried so hard,
Failed many times, tired and charred.
Although not a victor, they did try it out,
They have closure and their hearts don't shout.

Miserable are those, who waited so long,
And hoped that someday, they'll sing a song.
They realised too late; the ships started sailing,
That is a big regret, the gamble of waiting.