Fluidic Colours

When the cool winds caressed,
When the waning moon blessed,
The heart was full of colour,
What it meant I wonder.

The colours came and went,
What emotions they sent?
For every thought, a colour emerged,
Thinking about you, my thoughts converged.

Like the flowers that blossomed,
Spreading all the fragrance around,
My love for you blossomed,
Gradually and without any bound.

Do we have a bond?
Then why do I hear your heart?
As if bound by a wand,
I remember your words by heart.

Like the birds that sing sweet,
As sweet as honey a lovely treat,
I have a song for you quite upbeat,
True and sincere and hard to retreat.

Sweet as nectar my heart feels joy,
On hearing your words, rejoiced this boy,
Our talks and words made no sense,
Yet we can't stop hearing this sweet nonsense.

Like the leaf on a flowing stream,
The world is changing its scheme,
Amidst many aspirations and dreams,
Time is fleeting and changing its theme.

What time holds in our future?
Regardless I shall always nurture,
The memories and moments with you persistent,
Change is not my only constant.

Like the morning dew that rejuvenates,
Thinking of your love my heart scintillates,
In a mystical trance, it eternally oscillates,
Meanings of life it quietly resonates.

All the sparrows and their flock,
Will come together and sing our song.
All the parrots and their flock,
Will come along and write our story long.

I thank the universe for letting our lives cross,
Knitting our lives with moments like a floss,
I don't believe in any god or any faith,
But for you, I am ready to leap with faith.

Traversing life riddle after riddle,
I don't know how it will unfold,
With you beside me, it will be gentle,
Together we shall pen a story never told.