Flamboyant Dance of a Phoenix

Among the group there stood one,
Unnoticed by the common ones,
Who wanders around wide and far,
Curious and kind, her nature by far,

Full of hope and full of care,
With a heart overflowing to dare,
While people walk away with others,
She spreads awe in a dance of colours,

While I walked in a colourless planet,
Minding my work and winding my life,
She flashed into my life as a sonnet,
And changed my life with the dance,

With her wings of majestic beauty,
With feathers of red, green and blue,
She made the calm sky brightly sunny,
And none on this world didn’t have a clue,

Who is she? The lovely little damsel?
Whose mere existence is refining my conscience?
She makes all the worldly knots unravel,
Breaking the boundaries put by science,

With her majestic wings and peculiar smile,
She basked in the sunshine hovering for a while,
As she hovered she dived into a cloud,
And out came a thunderous storm,

The storm rained black and blue,
Its rain cleansed my sins and woe,
It restored my world to the way it was,
Free from all forms of worry and foe,

Unaware to all the Phoenix had fears,
That nobody shall see her tears,
Tears that flow on seeing people hurt,
She wanted to cleanse the people of dirt,

The storm that brewed was not of the clouds,
But the rage and pain that brewed in her soul,
With her charm, she fooled us with the clouds,
And her tears were the rain that fell to heal,

The sun rises and sets every day,
But it was dark even today,
The dance she offered today,
Was something to be hailed every day!

Out came a gust that swept the world,
That filled our hearts with bliss,
It was the songs of the lovely damsel,
That echoed all around the world,

Her voice echoed into everyone's heart,
Reaching the unreached and heard by all,
It travelled even the deepest of voids,
The cruellest of hearts and through strongest of barriers,

We all have rules and principles,
Even a religion to show our face,
Simple or profound all have one,
All designed to keep us safe,

But when she danced, there was a tremor,
An unnatural sense that words failed to name,
It was the waves of shock and surprise,
That my whole life longed to see,

I felt the rules get broken,
I sensed my freedom multiply,
It gave me the courage to dare,
The power to question my faith,

My inhibition tend to fade,
My heart filled with hope,
I dared to leap,
That I feared all my life,

I broke the false shackles of society,
Realised the bounds that surround me,
From a frog confined to a well,
I became a phoenix, wild and unbounded,

That dance struck my heart with a cure,
And guided me to greater heights and more,
That dance was not a dance, but a fight,
A fight for the meaning of existence,

Nor was I the only mortal to feel,
But there were many who went with the wind,
All felt similar remorse at heart,
And did the impossible defined by immortals,

But that was not the end to the dance,
The dance was rather a choice and chance,
All of a sudden, when all were there to stare,
The damsel stopped and vanished in thin air,

The lovely Phoenix that filled the sky with delight,
Blew into flames and went out of sight,
Filled the sky with a spectacular light and flare,
Sweeping darkness like a second sun in the sky,

Out came the feathers all lit with flames,
Turned into ashes as they touched the grounds,
Ashes untouched filled the lands with meadows,
And among the blades of grass stood a baby bird,

Among the fortunate who took the ashes,
Their hearts were filled with fire,
A fire that taught passion and compassion,
A fire for meaning, a fire for existence,

For the sceptical mortals who chose to avoid,
Life was still colourless and void,
For the strugglers and believers who chose to see,
Life always went flamboyant and sane,

The strugglers and believers who realised the dance,
Who knew it was a choice and chance,
Stood like a lighthouse strong against the waves,
And guided many ships amidst turbulent oceans,

When coerced, forced, humiliated or betrayed,
Even when the entire world stood against my will,
I stood strong like a king and fought, when,
The damsel appeared and saved my skull,

Whenever in solitude, alone or in grief,
I remember the dance that lovely damsel gave,
It filled my heart with ecstasy and belief,
That happily haunted me till my grave,

The dance of the damsel was a message to all,
What everyone can do! In the form of a phoenix!
Those who seek true glory do in front of all,
The Flamboyant Dance of the Phoenix!